Resting in God’s Faithfulness

“Paul spent a 24-hour period treading water in the deepest parts of the sea. Yet it didn’t scare him away from getting on the very next ship to continue his trip and go where God ordered him to go. It was just another impasse on the journey, but it didn’t stop his trip!

Likewise, you can’t let past bad experiences determine your future actions. Consider what would have happened if Paul had said, “That’s it! I’m never getting on another ship!” If he had taken this approach, the devil would have stopped Paul from traveling by sea to get to areas where he needed to go. But instead of letting fear grip his mind, Paul put away all thoughts of fear and boarded the next ship”

Excerpt From: Renner, Rick. “Sparkling Gems from the Greek.” iBooks.
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I found Gods faithfulness through my disastrous driving record! Fear is a daily battle for me every time I get into a car as a driver or a passenger.   I have been in 9 car accidents!  I have totaled 5 cars!  2 of my mangled cars have been the top story of the news in Cincinnati and Dayton!  Yes, I have asked God WHY???

I found rest when He showed me that He is faithful when we cry to Him as I did when I was  sliding down 75 upside down for a mile and a half during rush hour.

I saw HIM on 71 in Cincinnati when a gas tank of another car was dangerously in my face.  He literally sent an angel to comfort me in the form of a beautiful woman.  I saw her, felt her rub my face, and heard her phone my husband.  When I asked the fire department who she was as they used jaws of life to remove me, they told me nobody was there! I knew differently, and so did my husband!

I found rest in HIM as my protector!  I have no physical damage from these accidents.   Emotionally, it has been challenging when I recall the trauma of the one that sent my mother to the hospital via life flight, but HE has been faithful to HEAL and restore her!

Finally, I find REST in my question WHY????  God has shown me that HE has a purpose for me and that HE is a mighty God that I can trust every time I get into the car to do HIS work before me!

I challenge you today to seek Gods face in your past experiences to give them a fresh new meaning. While each of our pasts look different, God remains the same and is FAITHFUL to reveal himself to you.. Your bad memory can turn into something beautiful when it reflects the face of God!

Im thankful for God giving me His WORD to rest in!  Paul is my hero for getting back on the ship over and over again no matter how fearful it was .  It took time for me and a season of anxiety pills, but now it takes Faith , Grace, and TRUST IN HIM!

Rest in Him today!



I found rest! True rest! God’s rest!

The link posted above was the beginning moment of my quest4rest and a pivotal point in my walk with God.  It includes a piece that I wrote for Deeper Still Ministries and  I would love to share with you as we continuously seek REST from God!

I finally found myself resting in who HE is and craving to find REST through HIM and His Word  in ALL areas of my life!

Are you craving rest from this world of chaos?  It is possible through God’s transforming power in our hearts and in our minds!

May you REST in Him today!


Exciting moment for Quest4Rest!

Today is a very exciting day for me as I begin a blog of my “Quest 4 Rest”.  This has been  a lifelong journey, so we have a lot of catching up to do!  It is my prayer that God will use these blogs and His precious word to strengthen you by entering into this place of rest.  I know my journey isn’t over until my final rest in heaven is complete, but the importance of  finding rest in this restless world is life-changing!  Stay tuned!

Jesus said: ” Come to me , all you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”  Matthew 11:28

May you REST in HIM today!