I want you to know WHY!

Yesterday was one of the most challenging days in the life of our teen and for us as parents.  I want you to know WHY.

Last night as the evil one slowly crept into our living room and wanted to destroy each of us, he FAILED!  I want you to know WHY!

Even what the enemy meant for evil, God used it for HIS good!  I want you to know WHY!

Through the evening of  peer pressure,  hurtful words, the broken hearts, the grounding from the phone.. love remained!  I want you to know WHY!!!

After an evening that interrupted our plans of fun, we were able to shed tears, snuggle, laugh, and get an amazing night of sleep and REST!  I want you to know WHY!

The details of WHAT happened do not matter and do not need to be shared, BUT the reason and the results are so exciting that I couldn’t wait to share them this morning.

Friends, even during the MIDST of a teenage meltdown, CALL on the name of GOD to help you and HE WILL!  GOD will engineer the circumstance that is going on in ways that are unimaginable and will give you LOVE to pour out even in the painful moments of life.

A  wise woman, named Janice, told me years ago to “do what is right and leave the details to God”… I challenge you to try it!  It is the answer and as I clung to God’s word last night, I did what was right and HE DID take care of the rest!   I prayed for wisdom and for words…HE gave them to me… GOD brought Ephesians 4 to life as I realized it was time to put it into action quickly!     I was able to teach precious Rachel what God says about forgiveness, about not letting the sun go down on our anger, about the power of words and how they can destroy.  We talked about peer pressure and honoring our parents and choosing to live in GOD’s plan.  My husband and I took what was evil and used it for the glory of GOD.    Within an hour, the peace of GOD was flowing in our little family like never before.  God used this time for Rachel to open up about even more things that are going on in her life.    What a blessing to have gone to bed with a stronger bond than the 3 of us had ever had before.  Actually, we need to include GOD in that number… the 4 of us!

This was our first big teenage conflict and it was scary!  Rachel is our 17 year old angel and we just ended up having all of the life lessons at once with her.  We were ALL able to witness God’s hand in the midst of the potentially bad situation.  HE carried each of us, HE protected each of us, HE healed our hearts, and HE poured out his love lavishly!

One of my favorite moments came when Rachel, who is grounded from her phone for the weekend, said ” I really need a break from my phone and all of the drama, I don’t want it back.”   While she may not know it, GOD has convicted her heart to REST and to pause on the things of this world.  What an unexpected lesson for me to learn from Rachel!!!

Take a moment today and read Ephesians 4.  I am involved in a very deep study of Ephesians that I know GOD used in my life for this very moment.  He was equipping me in ways I didn’t even know!

This morning, I am filled with joy, I am grateful, and I witnessed miracles right in my own living room last night!  I just wanted you to know WHY!

May you REST in doing what is right, and leaving the details to GOD!





Resting in complete surrender…..

Honestly, there are days when surrendering to the couch or to chocolate may seem to solve all of the challenges that are presented to me minute by minute, day by day…  All of my questions, all of my hope could be buried in these places of hopelessness, left stagnant, left to torment me if I choose to allow them to….

Honestly, there are days when my body seems to surrender into it’s own world and my mind lingers to that place with it, leaving me tired, leaving me dry, and leaving me without peace, without REST.

Honestly, there are days when I would rather cry like a baby than make the choice to surrender to the will of God because of the fear and the uncertainties.  All of the” what if’s” seem to be a headline in my mind and my heart doesn’t seem to want to counteract them, but rather join the doubt and dance together with a silent plan of the evil ones’ destruction.

Then, God’s word is there waiting for me to drink it in, waiting for me to absorb it in my body and my mind.  Waiting for me to surrender all emotion to His precious Word.  Waiting for my heart to see Him in my circumstance.  His Word, His LOVE, His promise is there for me to receive and believe, to speak power and truth, to hold me and comfort me.

Once the battle with myself is over, the Word of God always wins and it is THERE, I find my rest… physical rest, mental and emotional rest, a rest that is complete because HE is the source, HE is providing it.. A rest that HEALS from the inside out.

“You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.  Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.” Isaiah 26:3

Today, this scripture that I have been so familiar with for years  became so personal to me and I have REST…. He keeps me in perfect peace tonight as my mind and emotions try to stray, my heart trusts in HIM and my mind will STAY on HIM.. He is my ROCK!!!

May you have REST tonight in this beautiful promise, no matter what your circumstance is right now, let HIS Word embrace you, let it tuck you into bed tonight, let HIM love you,



Thumbs UP!!!!

I attended one of the most beautiful memorial services this morning for a dear woman who is the mother and grandmother of some precious people in my life.  This service was a true celebration of her life, but even more of a celebration of her life in Christ.  The legacy left behind will live on and touched many people who attended today.  Just hearing more about her faithfulness to God by loving, serving, teaching, and her compassion made me quickly realize that I desire to be just like her…she was like Jesus!  While I never had the privilege to spend much time with her, it was evident by her fruit and by the way she reflected the love of Jesus which shined so brightly today through her loving family.

When Pastor Ringhiser leaned into her ear as she was in her final days and asked, “Mom, are you ready to go meet Jesus”? , she couldn’t speak but she gave the BIGGEST thumbs up ever.

The memorial service went on with her grandchildren and her adult children spilling over with the love of Jesus that she instilled in them.

In closing, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-15 was read:

” And now, dear brothers and sisters, we want you to know what will happen to the believers who have died so you will not grieve like people who have no hope.  For since we believe that Jesus died and was raised to life again, we also believe that when Jesus returns, God will bring back with him the believers who have died.  ”

Can you REST in this promise as Millie did?

The service ended with Pastor Ringhiser asking us to give a big THUMBS UP!

As the year is still fresh and new, I will always remember this Thumbs up with new perspective and with a big smile!

Thanking God today for Mille and the Ringhiser family.  They have all been a blessing to me at some point in my life over the last 12 years!




God’s attention to detail gives me REST!

As the end of 2015 quickly approached, many of you saw a post on Facebook that I wrote.  I was excited to share how God used so many new people in my life last year to rekindle my passion for HIM.  I “tagged” a few people in this post that were a part of this story in my life.   Later in the evening, I received a message from someone close that seemed hurt that they were not “tagged”, even though they have been a part of my entire life.  I certainly didn’t want this post to hurt or offend anybody and so I second guessed myself and decided to remove the post .  As I was making numerous attempts to “remove” , I repeatedly received a message that said ” cannot remove message at this time, try again later”.  This is something I had never seen before.  So I waited and out of pure emotion, I tried again later.  This time, when I logged on, I saw my post in a place that once more gave God the honor and Glory HE deserves.   I was humbled, shocked, overwhelmed , and wept as HE confirmed that the post was to be shared even in my doubt.  The post was now a part of even a broader audience and posted by someone who has made a huge difference in my walk with God in 2015.  I have shared the link to DeeperStillMinistries by Lisa Meiners so that you may experience exactly how incredible this really is!


So as I begin 2016, I have already learned the POWER of God and that HIS plans will continue no matter what doubts or insecurities  I may have.

He has so personally revealed to me how very intimate HE is involved in the details of my life!  This gives me HOPE and I can REST in HIM once more!  What an amazing way to begin this new year!

I am also in shock of how this story unfolded right in front of my husband , who is rarely at a loss for words, but found himself speechless last night!

May you find REST in knowing and believing that GOD’s attention to the details of your life are very real!

Happy New Year with much Love,




Resting in God’s Faithfulness

“Paul spent a 24-hour period treading water in the deepest parts of the sea. Yet it didn’t scare him away from getting on the very next ship to continue his trip and go where God ordered him to go. It was just another impasse on the journey, but it didn’t stop his trip!

Likewise, you can’t let past bad experiences determine your future actions. Consider what would have happened if Paul had said, “That’s it! I’m never getting on another ship!” If he had taken this approach, the devil would have stopped Paul from traveling by sea to get to areas where he needed to go. But instead of letting fear grip his mind, Paul put away all thoughts of fear and boarded the next ship”

Excerpt From: Renner, Rick. “Sparkling Gems from the Greek.” iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Check out this book on the iBooks Store: https://itun.es/us/lwtFJ.l

I found Gods faithfulness through my disastrous driving record! Fear is a daily battle for me every time I get into a car as a driver or a passenger.   I have been in 9 car accidents!  I have totaled 5 cars!  2 of my mangled cars have been the top story of the news in Cincinnati and Dayton!  Yes, I have asked God WHY???

I found rest when He showed me that He is faithful when we cry to Him as I did when I was  sliding down 75 upside down for a mile and a half during rush hour.

I saw HIM on 71 in Cincinnati when a gas tank of another car was dangerously in my face.  He literally sent an angel to comfort me in the form of a beautiful woman.  I saw her, felt her rub my face, and heard her phone my husband.  When I asked the fire department who she was as they used jaws of life to remove me, they told me nobody was there! I knew differently, and so did my husband!

I found rest in HIM as my protector!  I have no physical damage from these accidents.   Emotionally, it has been challenging when I recall the trauma of the one that sent my mother to the hospital via life flight, but HE has been faithful to HEAL and restore her!

Finally, I find REST in my question WHY????  God has shown me that HE has a purpose for me and that HE is a mighty God that I can trust every time I get into the car to do HIS work before me!

I challenge you today to seek Gods face in your past experiences to give them a fresh new meaning. While each of our pasts look different, God remains the same and is FAITHFUL to reveal himself to you.. Your bad memory can turn into something beautiful when it reflects the face of God!

Im thankful for God giving me His WORD to rest in!  Paul is my hero for getting back on the ship over and over again no matter how fearful it was .  It took time for me and a season of anxiety pills, but now it takes Faith , Grace, and TRUST IN HIM!

Rest in Him today!



I found rest! True rest! God’s rest!


The link posted above was the beginning moment of my quest4rest and a pivotal point in my walk with God.  It includes a piece that I wrote for Deeper Still Ministries and  I would love to share with you as we continuously seek REST from God!

I finally found myself resting in who HE is and craving to find REST through HIM and His Word  in ALL areas of my life!

Are you craving rest from this world of chaos?  It is possible through God’s transforming power in our hearts and in our minds!

May you REST in Him today!


Exciting moment for Quest4Rest!

Today is a very exciting day for me as I begin a blog of my “Quest 4 Rest”.  This has been  a lifelong journey, so we have a lot of catching up to do!  It is my prayer that God will use these blogs and His precious word to strengthen you by entering into this place of rest.  I know my journey isn’t over until my final rest in heaven is complete, but the importance of  finding rest in this restless world is life-changing!  Stay tuned!

Jesus said: ” Come to me , all you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”  Matthew 11:28

May you REST in HIM today!